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Elizabeth Smith advises clients on matters involving Stark Law, False Claims Act, and Anti-Kickback Statute compliance. Elizabeth has defended clients in government investigations related to Medicare and Medicaid billing and has managed due diligence for major hospital transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

On August 24, 2021, the office of the California Attorney General (AG) Rob Bonta issued a press release notifying the public of healthcare data privacy guidance that AG Bonta sent to stakeholder organizations, including the California Hospital Association, the California Medical Association, and the California Dental Association, that day. According to the press release, the guidance was sent to stakeholders as a bulletin that, in part, reminded the entities of their obligation to notify the California Department of Justice (DOJ) when the health data of more than 500 California residents has been breached.
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Last week a new privacy law limiting what businesses can do with biometric data (for example, facial recognition information and fingerprints) took effect in New York City. The new ordinance requires commercial establishments that collect biometric information to post notices to customers explaining how their data will be used. The law applies to a wide range of businesses, including stores, restaurants, and theaters. The ordinance defines “biometric identifier information” as any “physiological or biological characteristic that is used by or on behalf of a commercial establishment, singly or in combination, to identify, or assist in identifying, an individual, including, but not limited to: (i) a retina or iris scan, (ii) a fingerprint or voiceprint, (iii) a scan of hand or face geometry, or any other identifying characteristic.” The law does, however, permit the collection, use, and retention of biometric identifying data if a notice to customers in “plain, simple language” is clearly displayed. The NYC Commissioner of Consumer and Worker Protection is expected to issue further guidance detailing the exact requirements that businesses must follow to comply with the law.
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